I decided to attempt to draw an owl, it ended up being slightly out of proportion but looking pretty good in the sketch/doodle style. I decided to try drawing a penguin as practice for a bird I shall be drawing for a monster picture for another Monster. Inspired by #EdwardGorey, #TimBurton, and #TimJacobus


Miss Nova

After 24 hours of consideration, I’ve finally decided to name my Comic character, Nova. The comic will then be called Miss Nova, if I need to give her a last name at any point she’ll be called Miss Nova Nebula. Inspired by: William Kentridge, Debbie Drechsler, Charles Burns, Killoffer, Edward Gorey, and Tim Burton. #Art … Continue reading Miss Nova

New Style On My Comics

I decided to redo the Sleepless Nights and Blame comics for the exhibition at the end of this project. I redid them in the new style, which I have done for my character. I still haven’t put a name on her yet, but I will think about it. I’m thinking about doing twelve comics, if … Continue reading New Style On My Comics

Character Development

As the deadline for the exhibitions narrows as it comes closer, I have decided to do a character based piece of work for my final piece, so - although she isn’t exactly me -  she will be like me, in mental health aspects. The character will continue to have white hair, but her hair style … Continue reading Character Development