LGBT Pride

I've been doing some LGBT Pride stuff. I quite enjoy it, so here's a few pieces: To purchase any of these designs as Tote Bags, T-Shirts, or notebooks - click the button below: The LGBT Collection!



Today has been rough. Not only have I been in pain but I then got ambushed with this conversation by someone who is supposed to be my friend. She got really agressive when I confronted her about the #Genderphobic comments and questions she threw at me and this is basically the whole of it. I … Continue reading Genderphobic


Here’s a slight comedic response I’ve written for the people who have been “genderphobic” toward me over the past few years ☺ Enjoy; “I’m Genderfluid. This doesn’t mean my gender changes. I am ALWAYS Genderfluid. This means my gender is fluid: from Feminine to Masculine, Androgynous to Genderless. I am not Female or Male, Bigender … Continue reading Genderfluid