Let’s Talk, Cas! (Episode 1)

The first episode of Let's Talk, Cas! I haven't yet decided what to talk about on a regular basis but I'm thinking more toward LGBT+ etc. Anyways, here is the first episode. I hope you enjoy.   If you would like to listen to a show Live so you can request music, you can do … Continue reading Let’s Talk, Cas! (Episode 1)


Super Sized Drive Time – 5 Towns Radio Poster

A poster created for a fellow presenter at 5 Towns Radio. You can catch his show on TuneIn every Friday from 4-6pm. Click HERE to go to the Radio’s page.

Poster for 5 Towns Radio

I did this poster (above) for a fellow presenter on 5 Towns Radio. He's doing a show on trucking - he's a spotter (someone who spots trucks), it's happening next week - on Tuesday - at 12pm-2pm and it's going to be great! If you want to listen in, here is the link to the … Continue reading Poster for 5 Towns Radio