Life Drawing XIX

After drawing a rough sketch in purple on yellow (shown above), I decided to play around with the colour in Affinity Photo. Here are the outcomes:


Life Drawing – xvii

I decided to do another piece of life drawing today, just to practice a little more. And here it is:

‘Cry’ Animation

My Mental Illness is taking over… I don’t appreciate it but this is the result and it’s not bad, I suppose. Anyone have any drawing suggestions? (via (Source:

Life Drawing – vi

Day 15: Life Drawing commenced and I nust admit, although it’s not entirely true to the model (she was more slouched which I didn’t quite accommodate for), it is probably one of my best so fair. Definitely imroving. #Art #artanddesign #FoundationArtCourse #College #Drawing #Sketch #Life #LifeDrawing #Model #Nude (at New College Pontefract)