LGBT+ Hate Crimes and Religion

Most religions state that being LGBT+ is wrong and due to this some people feel that it is necessary, and up to them, to take a life in order to stop the spread of the disease. It is a very common practice around the world for religious folk to partake in an assault, that is often shown … Continue reading LGBT+ Hate Crimes and Religion


LGBT+ Hate Crimes

Due to being different, people within the LGBT+ are subjected to hate and hate crimes on a daily basis. Not a week goes by without the news telling us of yet another trans woman being murdered due to their gender. A very major hate crime against the LGBT+ happened last year in Orlando, Florida. This crime … Continue reading LGBT+ Hate Crimes

Novelette Complete

During my current and past project, I have been writing a Novelette to accompany my art. (Note: A Novelette is 7,500 words to 17,000 words in length) It is now on Wattpad. To read it, click the cover below. Warning: Some scenes within the story may be distressing for some readers. Readers discretion is advised.

The Perfect World In Comparison

  After this, I decided to do a short story to accompany my work in a form of explaining my thought process. Here are some of my photographs which I edited and used to illustrate the short story: Link to the book:

Finding My Place In The World

For the majority of my life, I have been trying to find my place in the world. Over the years, I've found a few places that I've felt welcome, but more places where I've never been welcome. Let's start with the places that I really wasn't welcome in: High School: I don't know whether it … Continue reading Finding My Place In The World


I decided to draw unicorns after drawing the unicorn potato yesterday. It’s not finished, I want to do a background, but first I need to choose between this image or the next one that I will be posting. Bother are Unicorns, but one is rainbow while this one has a rainbow horn. #Art #artanddesign #Drawing … Continue reading Unicorn


Today has been rough. Not only have I been in pain but I then got ambushed with this conversation by someone who is supposed to be my friend. She got really agressive when I confronted her about the #Genderphobic comments and questions she threw at me and this is basically the whole of it. I … Continue reading Genderphobic

Drag Queen: Miss Sylvester

My first doodle of a person in drag. I tried my best but wearing my glasses was a bad idea, the tones are a little dodgy but I will learn to change that! #Art #ArtAndDesign #Illustration #DigitalArt #Artist #illustrator #LGBT #Love #Support #KeepFighting #Feminism #GenderEquality