Coffee Morning


Pennywise The Dancing Clown!

I saw the new IT film on Sept 8th, and it was amazing! Unfortunately, I haven't had time until now to produce this piece. But, it's here now and I'm extremely happy with it. The film was amazing and I can't wait for the next one.

CreepyPasta Chesspieces

Final piece! What do you think? #Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #Illustrations #illustrator #Artist #CreepyPasta #MickeyMouse #ItsASmallWorld #AbandonedByDisney #CreepyPastas #TellyTubbies #Horror #Gore

Before and After: GCSE compared to Post A-Level

So, finally finished it! The reason I decided to redo this piece is because my high school refused to give it back to me so I only have this photograph (on the left) of it. So, I decided to draw it digitally and change the tones as well as some minor details. Inspired by CreepyPastas. … Continue reading Before and After: GCSE compared to Post A-Level


Today has been rough. Not only have I been in pain but I then got ambushed with this conversation by someone who is supposed to be my friend. She got really agressive when I confronted her about the #Genderphobic comments and questions she threw at me and this is basically the whole of it. I … Continue reading Genderphobic


Today is my final day to prepare for the exhibition. If it wasn’t for illness I would be working until 5pm on Wednesday to make sure that everything is done and completed before people began to come in. But I don’t have the luxury of another two days. So, today is my final day. Luckily … Continue reading Exhibition