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The Perfect World In Comparison

  After this, I decided to do a short story to accompany my work in a form of explaining my thought process. Here are some of my photographs which I edited and used to illustrate the short story: Link to the book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/98178612-just-another-number

Jester Balloon

I decided to do this piece because of the monster masks I'm drawing to categorize crimes on their ugliness. Because people are scared of Jesters and Clowns for their make up, I decided to do this one while thinking about people such as John Christie and Ted Bundy.

Leonarda Cianciulli Portraits

Another portrait for my Conceal and Reveal Project. This is Leonarda Cianciulli. She is also known as ‘The Soap Maker of Correggio’. She killed three women before killing them and then making their remains into Soap and Teacakes…. Yum? I think not. I took inspiration of the Monster version of Leonarda from the Goosebumps book covers … Continue reading Leonarda Cianciulli Portraits

Bleeding Eyes

Got bored this morning while watching the #Goosebumps series by #RLStine. I loved the books, the first book I ever read was #StayOutOfTheBasement. I was 13 years old, learning to read, a horror fan, and I adored it! It was brilliant! From R.L.Stine, I then went onto #DarrenShan, who became one of my favourite horror … Continue reading Bleeding Eyes

Ted Bundy Portraits

After taking note during a project review with one of my teachers, Gale, I decided to draw Ted Bundy. I did the monster side as a devil with ram horns due to his attorney commenting that he was the definition of “heartless evil”. His eyes are made to look like fire and hold 30 upset … Continue reading Ted Bundy Portraits

Sketchbook Work

I got more work done for my sketchbook. Two pages of my work, a brainstorm on #TheMoorsMurders and a page of Artist Research. #Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #MyraHindley #IanBrady #SerialKiller #MoorsKillings #SerialKillers #Horror #Sketchbook #SketchbookWork

Myra Hindley Portraits

After drawing the notorious #IanBrady, I decided to move on to #MyraHindley. Due to making Ian Brady a “snake in the grass”, I decided to may Myra as ‘Sly as a Fox’. #Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #MyraHindley #IanBrady #SerialKiller #MoorsKillings #SerialKillers #England #Horror #Murderers

Ian Brady Portraits

The new project title given is Conceal and Reveal. From that I have decided to do a project on monsters. “The Monsters They Are”. My first piece is on Ian Brady, who, with his wife, killed five children. I drew him to look similar to a snake, linking to the phrase: “snake in the grass”. … Continue reading Ian Brady Portraits