Jester Balloon

I decided to do this piece because of the monster masks I'm drawing to categorize crimes on their ugliness. Because people are scared of Jesters and Clowns for their make up, I decided to do this one while thinking about people such as John Christie and Ted Bundy.


‘I Don’t Have Two Heads’ Animation

I decided to make this in response to those who decided to help make my panic attacks worse by staring at me instead of actually helping. If someone’s having a panic attack, don’t stare at them as if they have two heads - help them! (via (Source:

Painting in the Dark Room

My “Witch Bitch” #PopArt character as a positive image made in the dark room, I decided to paint with developer to give the smokey effect. Inspired by Lillian Bassman. #Art #artanddesign #College #FoundationArtCourse #Sketch #Drawing #DigitalArt #DigitalDesign #Projection #Pop (at Leeds)