LGBT+ Hate Crimes

Due to being different, people within the LGBT+ are subjected to hate and hate crimes on a daily basis. Not a week goes by without the news telling us of yet another trans woman being murdered due to their gender. A very major hate crime against the LGBT+ happened last year in Orlando, Florida. This crime … Continue reading LGBT+ Hate Crimes

Life Drawing – xiv

A drawing of Helen, I decided to practice my life drawing while initially wanting to practice painting skin tones. In my first piece of this project I was painting skin tones with only three colours: - a base tone - a highlight - a shadow. However, I have found using four is more effective. Using … Continue reading Life Drawing – xiv

Winter Wonderland Rope Swing

Butterfly Pride (at LLLRANTING.COM) is coming out in less than thirty minutes and this is going to be on the front cover. I decided to alter it, make it look more Christmas-like. I’ve had people as for this as a Christmas Card Design, I may actually consider it! #Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #Winter #Christmas … Continue reading Winter Wonderland Rope Swing

Jack The Ripper

We all know of Jack The Ripper. He killed 5 women, and was never caught for his crimes. There were a number of suspects, one being Montague John Druitt which I decided to base my work on. Although there wasn’t much evidence pointing to him, it was rather coincidental that Jack stopped killing just before … Continue reading Jack The Ripper

Ted Bundy Portraits

After taking note during a project review with one of my teachers, Gale, I decided to draw Ted Bundy. I did the monster side as a devil with ram horns due to his attorney commenting that he was the definition of “heartless evil”. His eyes are made to look like fire and hold 30 upset … Continue reading Ted Bundy Portraits

Sketchbook Work

I got more work done for my sketchbook. Two pages of my work, a brainstorm on #TheMoorsMurders and a page of Artist Research. #Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #MyraHindley #IanBrady #SerialKiller #MoorsKillings #SerialKillers #Horror #Sketchbook #SketchbookWork

Myra Hindley Portraits

After drawing the notorious #IanBrady, I decided to move on to #MyraHindley. Due to making Ian Brady a “snake in the grass”, I decided to may Myra as ‘Sly as a Fox’. #Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #MyraHindley #IanBrady #SerialKiller #MoorsKillings #SerialKillers #England #Horror #Murderers