Pardon my whiteness

Don't whitewash people of colour because you think they pass enough as being white to be white. Our heritage matters. -Robyn


Life’s Like Lemons

Hello, everyone! My new book is coming out in a couple weeks, and I realised I hadn't written much about it on here. So, let me give you the run down - two competitions are being held for the book. Because I'm lovely (or am I). One has been drawn but another is still on-going. … Continue reading Life’s Like Lemons


Hello! Cas, here. So you may have noticed that the site is slowly changing. And it will change, soon. We're just working on the formalities.  So, we're now a team, so it's not just me anymore. We have a team of 3 so far - myself, Robyn, and Gemma.We're making changes to the site, a … Continue reading Maintenance

Let’s Talk, Cas! (Episode 1)

The first episode of Let's Talk, Cas! I haven't yet decided what to talk about on a regular basis but I'm thinking more toward LGBT+ etc. Anyways, here is the first episode. I hope you enjoy.   If you would like to listen to a show Live so you can request music, you can do … Continue reading Let’s Talk, Cas! (Episode 1)

Daily Prompt: Abide

In life, there are things we must abide by. Laws, rules, morals. For me, I have a set of rules and looks on life in which I abide by: Never allow discrimination to happen, and if I see it, I must try my best to stop it. Never allow someone to change me or who … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Abide


Been told to do two more sketches for the Exhibition. #Art #artanddesign #College #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #MentalHealth #OCD #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #PTSD #Sketches #Sketchbook #Love #Care #Support #Artist #Commissions


After spending the afternoon with my model, I decided to take the photos and “comic book ‘ize’” them. This is the first one I’ve done. The picture was taken of her ‘screaming’. I took inspiration from René Magritte, Edward Gorey, and Charles Burns. I used Sketchbook Pro (PC) which gave me the opportunity use chalks and … Continue reading Scream