The Perfect World In Comparison

  After this, I decided to do a short story to accompany my work in a form of explaining my thought process. Here are some of my photographs which I edited and used to illustrate the short story: Link to the book:

A City In Their Mind

We all have an image in our head of what our ideal world would be. And in the current state of the world, it's making escapism to a Utopia is needed more than ever - mostly to stay somewhat sane. So, here is the beginning of my new project.

Model Rose

Due to my graphics tablet, the tool which I use to draw digitally, failing me  - I decided to mold a Rose out of Blu-tack. Due to not having the correct molding equipment, I did most details with my finger nails and a straightened paper clip. I may create an image from these. The results … Continue reading Model Rose

‘We’re Lost’ Book Cover

I began writing this book over five years ago, and it was popular, but was taken down from my then-current writing site due to 'too much adult content' for it to be a PG rating. It contained a lot of cursing and swearing, and now - going back to it - I have decided to … Continue reading ‘We’re Lost’ Book Cover


Today is my final day to prepare for the exhibition. If it wasn’t for illness I would be working until 5pm on Wednesday to make sure that everything is done and completed before people began to come in. But I don’t have the luxury of another two days. So, today is my final day. Luckily … Continue reading Exhibition