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Tobias eBook


Doctor Tobias Frost is a twenty-nine-year-old recluse with an extremely high IQ. After fourteen years of hiding, using alias’, and working for a simple-minded tech company, he is found by the lead hacker of a government contract team called The Orcas. Joining the group, the five of them work together to save lives. With their combined IQ of 926, they can solve any problem… Right?

Book 1 of The Orcas series.

Including a sneak peek of Book 2: Family Ties.

A Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Romance novel.

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My Mate

Paperback: £7.99 + P&P, eBook: £2.99

My Mate eBook


Amelia Billie Gabriel stopped ageing in 1955 after living through the Great Depression and World War Two. Now, she is the heir to the supernatural throne. But, to take her throne – she needs a mate. After finding her soulmate war breaks out, leaving hundreds dead, including her friends and family members. Will she find her way? Will there be a crowning? Or will her kingdom fall to its knees?

Including a mature bonus scene in Billie’s Perspective.
An LGBT+ Romance, Fantasy Novel.

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Just Another Number

eBook: FREE

Just Another Number


In a world blinded by ignorance and living blissfully, Agatha Gomez has to survive the terrors of the twenty-first-century concentration camps. They said it wouldn’t happen again, but it did. And no one is batting an eye.

Warning: Some content may be distressing to some readers. Graphic scenes of murder and rape. The book contains strong language.

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The Little Ones

eBook: Free, Paperbook: £3

The Little Ones


To the outside world, guising for Samhain is just a way to get candy. But, for the residents of Willowdale, it’s much more than that.

Children must trick or treat; they must share; and above all, they must be happy.

This is the story of Lorcan and his family, moving to Willowdale, just two days before Samhain.

Note: This is a short story, written in 24 hours, during Samhain of 2017. This story features some mild swearing as well as scenes of mental and verbal abuse.

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Blue Genes

eBook: £1.99, Paperback: £4.99

Blue Genes


Max doesn’t celebrate his birthday. But, this year his sister, Tori, has thrown him a birthday party and booked a holiday by the sea for the two of them. At the party, Max meets Sam; the two hit it off, becoming close, leading to a display of Transphobia that has become all too common within the LGBT+ Community. [Note: All profits will go to Live Love Laugh Ranting (, a charity dedicated to the LGBT+ community and their mental health]
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Mr Valentine

eBook: £4.99, Paperback: £7.99




Skyler Crewe is an escort, in the literal sense; her job is to act as someone’s friend, girlfriend, or wife, with no requirement of sexual activity.
But everything’s about to change when Sky meets her newest client…
Mr Valentine is a self-made billionaire; he made his fortune by creating security software before founding his technology company.
He’s been following Sky for months, wanting to meet her.
But, Sky has a dark past and secrets she desperately wants to keep out of the limelight that comes with dating, Enzo Valentine.
Can he convince her to stay?
Will he want her to stay when he finds out about her history?
Well, what’s it going to be Mr Valentine?

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Oslo the Polar Bear

eBook: £3.99, Paperback: £5.99



After losing his mum, Oslo is left alone to fend for himself. But along the way, he makes a friend.

Designed by, and written for, people and children with Learning Difficulties.

Written and Designed by Castiel Gutierrez, Illustrated by Philip Bodiam.

All profits will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

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