Maintenance Complete

Hey, everyone. I've been working on getting the website in a better shape, and I think I've had a break through. We have a new theme, for the first time since the site's creation, and we have corrected the content! (Though, Gemma's part is still missing from the Team Page. But we're working on getting … Continue reading Maintenance Complete

Life’s Like Lemons

Hello, everyone! My new book is coming out in a couple weeks, and I realised I hadn't written much about it on here. So, let me give you the run down - two competitions are being held for the book. Because I'm lovely (or am I). One has been drawn but another is still on-going. … Continue reading Life’s Like Lemons


Hello! Cas, here. So you may have noticed that the site is slowly changing. And it will change, soon. We're just working on the formalities.  So, we're now a team, so it's not just me anymore. We have a team of 3 so far - myself, Robyn, and Gemma.We're making changes to the site, a … Continue reading Maintenance

Ace of Hearts – Coming Soon

I'm currently working on a new novel, Ace of Hearts.  The book is featuring an Ace relationship. However, because I'm not Ace - I'm looking for assistance. I've got a form about representation and your experience, so please - if you'd like to input anything, feel free to by clicking HERE.

Anthology Details – Come as Yourself: Volume Two

Live Love Laugh Ranting

It’s time again – we’re preparing to begin production of our second anthology.
And, as always, we’re looking for writers who’d like to be featured!
So, if you want to be featured in the anthology, here are the details!

  • All short stories must be below 5,000 words.
  • All poems must be below 30 lines.
  • You must be the sole owner of your content.
  • All content must be LGBT+ themed, even if it just has a Non-binary main character.
  • We will accept all genres of content, including mild erotica (suitable for 16+. and featuring characters over the age of 18).
  • All content must be handed in before March 16th, 2018, this will prevent issues in publishing and also give us time to review your work for publication.
  • All submissions will be read, but may not be published.
  • Submissions that are going to be published will be edited. We aim to send…

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