Pardon my whiteness

I was talking to Castiel about this the other day, we’re both of Jewish heritage and both of our families are from Israel. We’re both from Arab families, with Castiel being four generations back and myself being two generations back.

So, Castiel had commented about saving a Tribe (you’ve probably heard about the guy a tribe killed, well – that’s the one). Cas doesn’t like the idea of killing an entire group of people – the tribe – to retreive a body. And I agree. But someone didn’t and instantly jumped on the bandwagon of Castiel being a Whitey with a Saviour Complex…

I have to admit that it was hilarious when they told me, I just couldn’t laugh harder.

It points out that even when you have a Hebrew name like Castiel, people still assume you’re white because you’re pale!

A reminder to the people of the world: just because we pass as white, doesn’t mean we are.

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