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Book Cover Design: The Companions by C.S Luis

This cover was requested by C.S Luis for her new book, The Companions.

I left the blank, white box on the back for the barcode.

The cover took approximately four hours – the longest a book cover has ever taken me to produce. The reason for this is the extreme editing. The cover is made up of nine different images, and due to Luis having a signature font on her covers – but not knowing the name of said font – I also had to search for the font to make sure I found the correct one.

Only one change was needed from start to finish of the book cover – which was the back image.

Initially, I made it a smoked background, giving it a sensual look.

However, Luis found another image she wanted on the cover. Which leads us to the final product:

The Companions Paperback

The cover is effective, and stylised for both the genre and the subject matter. It was a challenge to produce – mainly because of the lighting on the models not co-operating with my tools. But, it turned out well, and I’m quite happy with it, and Luis seems to be, too.



Hello! My name is Castiel Gutierrez. I'm Panromantic, Asexual, and Trans Enby. I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Published Author, IT Technician, and Human Rights activist based in Yorkshire, England. I'm a Lover of food, video games, and music. And I'm probably the Queerest person you know ;)

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