Tobias Is Up For Sale!

After a long three months, Tobias is finally available to purchase. However, there are two ways to do so!

You can purchase the book from me – whether it be an eBook or paperback. Paperbacks are signed. (Warning: Lulu do not sell Kindle compatible eBooks, if you require a Kindle file, please purchase it from me.)

Or you can buy the book from Lulu – hard copies are printed on demand.

If you’d like to buy, click the images below!


Purchase an eBook or Paperback from me.
paperback lulu
Purchase a Paperback from Lulu
ebook lulu
Purchase an eBook from Lulu










Doctor Tobias Frost is a twenty-nine-year-old recluse with an extremely high IQ. After fourteen years of hiding, using alias’, and working for a simple minded tech company, he is found by the lead hacker of a government contract team called The Orcas. Joining the group, the five of them work together to save lives. With their combined IQ of 926, they can solve any problem… Right?

Book 1 of The Orcas series.

Including a sneak peek of Book 2: Family Ties.

A Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Romance novel.


If purchasing from me, you will have to pay via Paypal.



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