10 Tips On How To Pick A Designer

Finding a graphic designer to help you is difficult, whether you’re a big company, small business, or an individual. But, to make it easier for you, here are some tips on picking your new designer.

  1. CV: When you receive a CV from a designer, look at the presentation. Does it look like a Designer’s CV? Or does just look like a document? The best designers will make their CV using software similar to Adobe Illustrator, it will be colourful and attractive, it will show their graphic design skills.
  2. Experience: Not every designer will have experience, some may have only just left College or University which means their portfolio may be very limited. Their portfolio will most likely consist of their work from College/University. Other designers, like myself, who will have a portfolio full of freelance work they have done while being in College/University; don’t discredit that work – it still shows their ability, and you can still get a reference from the client involved.
  3. Hiring Over The Internet: The internet is the most common place to find a designer these days. Unfortunately, the internet is also full of scam artists. The best way to decide whether or not someone is a scam or not is to look at their portfolio. If you’re unsure about their designs, and whether or not they designed them, you can always reverse search the designs.
  4. Payment: Don’t pay for your design until you’re happy with it.
  5. Price: Price doesn’t guarantee quality – look at all aspects, whether they’re charging a small amount or hundreds, their designs and talent are the main.
  6. Qualifications: For some designers, they’ve gone to College and University, while others may have only been to College – however, grading and qualification for a non-academic industry shouldn’t be the main aspect of what you’re looking for. If someone has a University Degree and their portfolio is amazing, the degree is a bonus. But don’t look at the qualifications first, some people are self-taught. After all, if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs deciding not to give up after leaving College before graduating, Apple wouldn’t have happened.
  7. Skills: Make sure to hire someone who has all the skills you’ll need. For example, if you know you’re going to need a photographer, Copywriter, and a Web Designer: hire a graphic designer who can do those things, too. It brings the labour cost down drastically! Also, if you’re going to be using them to make promotional material, make sure they know how to do demographic profiling and marketing works. If they don’t know the business side of graphic designing, it will cost you – it means you may get a useless graphic or you’ll need to higher a marketer, too.
  8. Website: Websites are pretty easy to make nowadays. You click a few buttons and all the work is done for you, which is why you should never look at someone’s website and judge the presentation of it – it may look professional, but until you see the web design skills in action or examples of their work, don’t assume they can do it.
  9. Software: Some people use Adobe, some people use Autodesk, and others use Serif. Depending on the type of work you want doing, you may need a certain software to be used. However, for general graphic designs and promotional material – Serif and Adobe are the best ones to go with. However, designers using Adobe will most likely charge more for designs due to the upkeep of the software.
  10. Ask Questions and Give Suggestions! I have occasions worked with people who refuse to input into the work, as well as feeling too shy, causing them to feel very confused. If you’re confused about something, ask the designer. And before hiring/acquiring their help, give them some input into what you want from them. Not every designer can do every type of graphic design.

And that’s the top 10. If you have any questions or need some help, let me know in the comments or Contact Me, I’m more than happy to help.


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