Account 2: Victorious

Based on a True Story

Written by: Castiel Gutierrez

                I thought I was wrong; seeing all of my friends dating boys, I thought I was weird. After high school, I ended up marrying my prom date, John – he knew I wasn’t straight, and I knew he wasn’t either. We told our parents that we would take the vow of abstinence until we got married – they thought we were being good, Christian children but we actually didn’t do anything because we were both gay. After we married, we lived together, we shared a bed like a married couple would – we even kissed. But it was more of a besties situation than anything. We were just happy to be in a relationship where we could both be who we were and not be pressured into anything.

However, after three years of marriage, our parents started begging for a grandchild. It was so awkward, we had decided that we’d have a kid together at some point when we could afford to do it without needing to have intercourse but we couldn’t wait any longer. We ended up buying this weird fertilisation kit, it worked well considering the price of it. I was pregnant after two tries.

Six months into the pregnancy, John fell in love with a guy we’d befriended from a pool club we visited every weekend. Mike was a nice enough fella, he moved in with us after a month of them getting together. Our parents started questioning why he was living with us so we had to make up an excuse of: he would have ended up homeless. Making that up just made us seem like saints even more… It was so annoying having to lie but it was either that or losing our jobs in the family business.

When our little boy arrived, John and Mike took over on the caring side – I couldn’t handle the crying. He was in better hands with John and Mike. After around a year, Mike got sick. He ended up in the hospital, we didn’t know what was wrong with him until John started showing the same symptoms.

Mike had caught HIV before entering a relationship with John. He had a sexual health check before they did anything but it came back as negative due to the incubation period.

My parents realised that Mike and John had been sleeping together – they fired both of us, which effectively cancelled our health insurance Mike tried to convince his insurance to handle John’s case too but by the time they got around the red tape John had already gone. John died of AIDS. At John’s funeral, Mike sobbed like a baby while holding John Jr. My parents didn’t turn up and they didn’t tell John’s parents of his ‘infidelity’. After the ceremony, John’s parents asked me why Mike cried more than me – I told them: Because Mike was John’s boyfriend. They didn’t like it, but they weren’t allowed to take his body from the family crept after that. Although, we’d lost John and his parents hated me and our son: we were victorious.

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