LGBT+ Hate Crimes

Due to being different, people within the LGBT+ are subjected to hate and hate crimes on a daily basis. Not a week goes by without the news telling us of yet another trans woman being murdered due to their gender.

A very major hate crime against the LGBT+ happened last year in Orlando, Florida. This crime has been shadowed and toned down by the news and FBI by suggesting it was just another extremist attack, diluting the original reason to why the man committed murder – which lead to him killing 49 brothers and sisters within the LGBT+ community. The Orlando Pulse shooting is officially the biggest and deadliest massacre ever performed on US soil by a single person, but this is overlooked due to who the shooter was – leaving the real pain of the people affected in the shadows.

Sia, a popular singer from Australia, wrote and performed a song called The Greatest which was not only dedicated to the victims of the song, but it was directly about them. The video showed 49 young dancers who, at the end of the video, were gunned down; bullet holes showing in the walls at the end.

Learning of the song and its meaning, I decided to do a piece dedicated to it, showing the back of a person with white and black hair, similar to that of Sia’s iconic look, but also using it as the light and dark tones.

I did this piece using charcoal and chalk before sticking it, so that it doesn’t fade, with hairspray.

I will continue looking into hate crimes and drawing pieces in response.



Note: If you haven’t viewed the video or listened to the song by Sia, I highly recommend you do. I will place the video below.

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