LGBT+ Hate Crimes and Religion

Most religions state that being LGBT+ is wrong and due to this some people feel that it is necessary, and up to them, to take a life in order to stop the spread of the disease. It is a very common practice around the world for religious folk to partake in an assault, that is often shown as an underground sport, called Gay Bashing – this can leave an LGBT+ member with serious head injuries and many are even killed.

It is more common than most people think, in places such as the USA, Australia, and Japan. But, unfortunately, it is constantly on the rise due to the world becoming more screwed up as the minutes goes by – after all, we now have Donald Trump as a world leader…

A very visual display of Gay Bashing is the videos of Gay men being decapitated, or thrown from towers, in Asia. However, Gay Bashing against Muslim women is on the rise in the UK, and it’s not because of Islam like everyone suggests.

In response to this, I have done some drawings of women wearing Hijabs and Niqabs.

The first one I drew was this one:


woman-590490_1920I drew it using charcoal before then using a white chalk to do the highlights. I worked from a photograph (shown to the right) which I found on a copyright free website (Pixabay) in order to have something to work from.



I then went on to drawing a cartoon woman wearing a hijab which eventually got coloured and turned rainbow (as you can see to the right)!

I plan on doing digital versions of these drawings, starting with the first one. I will also work from images of Muslim women, as well as women and men from other religions who are within the LGBT+. This is to identify that being LGBT+ is not exclusive to Atheists, Pagans, and Christians.

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