Exhibition Observation: Elise Watson

(Note: The image above is of the work by Elise Florence Watson, you can find more of her work HERE.)

Elise’s work was of three human scale, hollow figures that were then suspended between two trees. Her work is fascinating, seeing the human body in its fullest while missing all the gory details. She clearly produced this by using figures to work on, most likely using wire sculptures. The final pieces were undoubtedly made from plastics that were heated and reshaped, they held their form well, even in the spring winds that many battled on the day of the exhibition. Although it was a struggle for Elise to put the three figures up, and keep them up, her hard work paid off as they were wonderful pieces to see.

The use of plastic as the medium material, or even canvas, was a fabulous idea – making the figures somewhat transparent. It made them look sort of like bystanders in the crowd even though they were the ones on show. However, due to the plastic not being completely transparent, and being around sixty percent opaque, it gave the figures form and depth due to their shadows, which can be seen in the photograph above. It gave the piece’s presence and heightened my interested of them.

I can tell that the main goal of the project was to look at the human body and all its form but other than that, there wasn’t much more of an indication to the idea behind it. But, even without the main idea showing through, it was still a very strong piece that could stand for many things and spoke a thousand words on its own.



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