Exhibition Observation: Darcy Prentice

(Note: The artwork shown in the images above are by a fellow classmate named Darcy Prentice – if you would like to see more of her work, please click HERE.)

      Darcy demonstrated her illustration ability by designing and creating colourfully patterned leaves which she pinned to her trees as well as hung mobiles up made of said leaves. They blended in well with the environment due to the design of them but also stood out because of the colours. They contrasted and blended, which is something that is very difficult to pull off, but Darcy did it well!

The way Darcy presented her work, it would have worked in both still and windy conditions. However, the wind was definitely a benefit as it made both the pinned leaves and the mobiles move ever so slightly, similar to how a butterfly would flutter.

I am somewhat unsure of what her project is about, I didn’t get much information from the exhibition, but it seemed to follow a youthful idea – showing pieces of pop culture (one piece featuring the very common converses in which everyone under the age of thirty has worn at least once), but also pointing out some of the issues with today’s children with a leaf reading ‘rude kids’ which features a girl using her middle and index fingers to swear at the audience.

I would have liked to see more of the idea behind the work. But, even without that, it was a very strong piece that was pleasing to look at and entertaining to view.


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