Happy Fridays: Not So Happy

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Live Love Laugh Ranting

This month has been somewhat of a hell – between my PTSD fucking up and my writer’s block being at a crossroads – it’s been pretty ridiculous.

It all started last Monday (20/03/17). As some of you may know (because you read Tuesday’s article on 28/03/2017), I have been suffering due to my PTSD – I basically end up shaking like a chihuahua because of loud noises. So, I’ve ended up taking leave from college – meaning I only go into college on Mondays.

Then there’s my writer’s block – I know a lot of people say:

Just keep writing, your writer’s block will go away!

Well, that doesn’t work for me – I’m that sort of person that gets a blank mind when writer’s block sets in.

And finally, I figured out what to write about for my new book, and I’ve started planning and working on it. I…

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