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Photo editing

As I begin my Final Major Project, I’m going back to my roots of Graphic Design and Photography to hopefully better my skills as I continue to work.

I’ve found new software that will allow me to edit successfully without using Photoshop, and software that will allow me to draw using Vectors without using Illustrator.

I plan to advance my skills while using these softwares and gain new skill sets that will help me when I get a job with a company.
Here is a piece of editing I did this morning:

Here is what I did:

  • I used Mesh Warp to tighten the models waist.
  • I used Heal to blend the creased areas to look smooth.
  • And I also used a Blemish Heal tool to remove the mole from the models back.

None of these edits were necessary, but I wanted to test them out.



Hello! My name is Castiel Gutierrez. I'm Panromantic, Asexual, and Trans Enby. I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Published Author, IT Technician, and Human Rights activist based in Yorkshire, England. I'm a Lover of food, video games, and music. And I'm probably the Queerest person you know ;)

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