The Perfect World In Comparison

I designed this piece to show that the perfect world is only in their mind. This is not how they see the world. They are not in a blissful ignorance, it is just a dream.
I designed the character to be somewhat gender neutral. Although, the lips turned out rather feminine, and the nose turned out quite masculine, I quite like how it looks.
I decided to do a digital version of the city in the eye.
After doing the original eye design, I decided to do an eye of what the world is really like: Discrimination, Poverty, Money, Oil, War, Religion, and Police Brutality/Crime.


After this, I decided to do a short story to accompany my work in a form of explaining my thought process. Here are some of my photographs which I edited and used to illustrate the short story:

The edits I did to this image was 1. Cropping it; 2. making the image black and white; 3. adding the numbers to the arm.
The edits on this one was just making the background look slightly cloudy, instead of being block black. I wanted a new texture/tone to the image.
And here is the cover for the short story. The first two chapters are now on Wattpad. You can click the image to read it.

Link to the book:

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