Say No To Bullying.

Article written for on the topic of Bullying and how a lot, if not most, schools are mishandling bullying cases by victim shaming and not dealing with the students responsible for the torment.

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I recommend listening to this ^ while reading the article.

It’s remarkable how so many schools, and places of education and comfort, suggest that ‘teasing’ is a part of life, and it doesn’t become bullying until the victim takes it ‘too personally’.

Yes, schools victim shame – so an extreme extent. Some victims have reported being ‘helped’ by their school by being given items or ways to correct the ‘distraction’ instead of dealing with the bullies.

For me, I know it first hand. And it’s utterly ridiculous.

Instead of school having a ‘no tolerance’ for bullying, instead they have a ‘no tolerance’ to being different.

The No Tolerance Policy is one of the biggest lies that schools can tell you.

Does your child have a learning disorder?

Does your child act different compared to other children?

Does your child have a different fashion sense?

Or, if you’re a student and…

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