Year In Review: 2016

This year has been pretty chaotic.

Between figuring out which University to go to; then deciding not to go; then getting into a Foundation Art Course (which has proven to be the best decision I have made in my educational life); then almost getting one of my books published; then not doing so because the publishers wanted to change the ending and have someone else write it…

It has been chaotic.

I’m pretty certain I’ve produced more work in the past 16 weeks that I have in my entire two years at college (apart from in IT, because I finished early and started the course a month later than most people).

I’ve had the opportunities to meet nice people. I’ve also learnt knew techniques for drawing and creating.

I’ve found out the direction of creativeness I want to go in – Illustration/Animation/Graphic Design/Web Design all done digitally.


And outside of working… I’ve had some weird things happen! Here are some of my best bits:

  • I woke up at 2am, and like usual I look out of my window. But due to it being so dark out, I got my phone, turned on my torch and pointed it out of the window and I got a scare of a life time when I found a cat staring in at me. My torch made it’s eyes glow and it ended up looking like Trico from The Last Guardian. It vanished when I got out of bed.
  • When my fiancee was in the country, we were sharing my bedroom, as usual. I fell asleep at around 8pm because we’d had a long day, and apparently my mother shouted me from downstairs at around 9pm. I got up, got dressed, and went and had a full conversation with her, went back to my room, got undressed, and back into bed without waking up. And the next morning I found my Green day shirt on the floor and I didn’t know why, so I asked Jordan (my fiancee) why it was there and he told me about getting up and having the conversation with my mum…. They were laughing for days!
  • Another moment, as someone who loves literature – I like writing and reading – I hate it when someone deliberately butchers the language. For example, I was talking in a group chat with a bunch of friends and they added a new person, and this human started talking – or should I say trying to – because they kept missing vowels… In everything! See, I am okay with slang and things like LOL or BRB – those I can deal with. But this person talked like this: “Frnds?” (Friends?) “hw r u 2dy?” (How are you today?). And it got to a point where I was so annoyed and fed up, I replied: “Sorry, I speak English; some French, Chinese, Russian, German, Gaelic, and Irish; but I don’t speak Abbreviations.” For a lot of people, that was hilarious! I felt a little harsh for saying it, but it’s not like he had spelling problems because after that he started writing in full English – not skipping anything! And he knew how to use grammar and punctuation! He was just being incredibly lazy. And I hate it, I understand if you’re trying to make it quicker, but missing one letter from a work is not going to take a second to type.

On top of all that happening, one of my books on Wattpad has finally gotten over 100,000 reads!!! It also got to #5 in the Fantasy listing! So, I’m fairly pleased. And a book I wrote four years ago has also become popular. At the beginning of the year it had 9,000 reads, not it has 47,000 reads and it’s climbing the paranormal rankings! So, pretty proud!


And that’s about it for my year.

We lost so many celebrities… It’s been good and bad, I’m just hoping next year is a lot better!


Anyways, have an amazing New Year!

Take care,

Castiel ♥


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