Exploratory Evaluation

Before beginning the course, we were given a summer project to get us prepared to start the course in September. We were given four images consisting of physical structures. At first, the images confused me, making me question what I could do with such images with my photographic background. Which made me look through the artists listed in the summer project brief in more depth and with a bigger interest. While looking through the artists, I found Henri Matisse and Maurizio Anzeri sparked my interest, these two artists were interesting to me due to the colours, as well as the style of working. Anzeri made me think more about how stitching would look in the images provided, which made me then stitch in particular areas – specifically the shadowed/darker areas in the images, or around the outline. I also experimented with lines and links and how certain shapes made up the structures within the images. When looking at Matisse, I look mainly at the colours he used in his art – some of the colours being quite abstract compared to the realistic colouring of the certain items or people. I decided to colour on top of the images, using oil pastels, in an attempt to add colour while leaving the textures of the images behind underneath by scratching away some of the oil pastel colouring.

When we finally started the course, we used the summer project images and others provided to start off with. I chose two of the pictures to work with initially – one being a picture of peas in a pod, and the other being the side panels of a decaying shed. Using these images, I created multiple versions, using on instrument/tool in order to explore it. I began with Charcoal to look at the different ways of shading while also looking into how the Charcoal reacts to being brushed away by an eraser or a sponge brush. The effects of using Charcoal in such a manner left me with a very soft looking image, while keeping a three-dimensional aspect.

Later, we moved onto oil painting, using letter formations provided. The task given was to have four grounds, then oil paint on top. I decided to freehand the letter formations instead of using the stencils. I cut out an X and a P to use. I placed the X against the background and painted around it to make the X remain the same as the background while having a red flare around it, while I used the P as a stamp, placing navy blue paint on one side and printing it onto the ground I chose to go with it. For one of my oil paintings, the blue and orange S painting in particular, I took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh, using blue to make swirls for the background in order to make it look like ‘Starry Night’ slightly.

After attempting to draw a jointed bone structure image on two occasions, I decided to change my medium from chalk and graphite to digital. This enabled me to make mistakes which I could undo rather easily, while also giving me the chance to have the image printed onto different papers and textures as well as making digital textures while using texture brushes.

In conclusion, by experimenting within the Exploratory Stage, I have found my limitations and moved beyond them by finding ways around them while improving my work. Although I will continue to sketch within my sketchbook, I believe my main medium begin to be digital art.

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