Exhibition Observation: Molly McAndrews

(The images below are of Molly McAndrews’ work, a fellow Art Foundation Student in my class.)

Molly’s exhibition was truly haunting. She focused on the refugee crisis that is currently happening, but isn’t being shown by many media outlets.

The exhibition consisted of a series of three paintings, an image on a screen, and a collection of various different styles of shoes.

The three paintings are rather moving, you can see figures in the smudges and the brush movements show motion to the figures within.

The collection of shoes, each pair representing a different person, showing that it’s not just one type of person, nor is it just adults as there are many pairs of children’s shoes. I’m unsure to whether or not it was intended, but the way the shoes are presented remind me of how the Nazi’s took and stacked the shoes of the holocaust victims, further making the viewer think about the situation which the current refugees are facing.

And finally, the photograph which was presented on a Mac monitor. The photograph’s lighting is perfect in the topic which is being explored, making the model look as if she’s coming out of the darkness which surrounds her.

The work made left people in awe while also left them thinking on the topic. She shone a light on a very urgent issue which is often ignorant and left in the shadows. It is truly amazing.

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