Exhibition Observation: Bethan Grant

This is not my work, this is the work of Bethan Grant, a fellow Foundation Art Student in my class.

Bethan’s piece is strong in more ways than one. Her exhibition piece is brightly coloured, and bold in the design of how she has made her female characters into the animals featured behind them. The characters illustrated have been drawn amazingly. The colour scheme is preventing class while keeping each piece stylised, making each image to be pleasant on the eyes. The characters have been put in positions of power, each one with a weapon. I’m unsure to whether or not is was intended, but these pieces would definitely empower women. Showing the female form in all of its glory while still showing the strength it can have compared to the ideologies of people, majoritively misogynists, who believe the female form is delicate and incapable of such authority and control. The positioning of the characters with their weapons is not the only thing that suggests strength. The animals behind the characters are all a part of nature, and without their supremacy in nature they would have become extinct. The two on the left may not have a weapon, like the two on the right which have extremely sharp teeth, but they have the ability to continue living by escaping from their predators.

The detail in the images, the tone of the characters, and the planets in the background give her work a powerful feel and are extremely interesting. They remind me of Jirni by Aspen Comics with commanding female characters, being presented as Guardians in a way. I’m looking forward to seeing more.


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