Daily Prompt: Abide

In life, there are things we must abide by. Laws, rules, morals.

For me, I have a set of rules and looks on life in which I abide by:

  • Never allow discrimination to happen, and if I see it, I must try my best to stop it.
  • Never allow someone to change me or who I am.
  • Never allow someone to talk down to me, especially not because of my gender identity, sexuality, mental health, or appearance.
  • Never give up on what I want to do or what I believe in.
  • Never allow the past to destory me, like it did my former self.
  • Always help someone in need.
  • Be here for anyone who needs someone to talk to, or someone to hug.


A long time ago – which actually wasn’t that long ago – my previous self was left broken, destroyed under the stomp of society.

In the destruction of her, Holly, came myself – Castiel.

I took the name from my great, great, great grandmother’s maiden name of Cas. The name was shortened from Cassiel. Which, due to not being Christian or Catholic, didn’t suit me. So, I went into Germanic, Gaelic, and Celtic Paganism and found Castiel.

I didn’t choose to be Castiel. I was made into Castiel.

The people that destroyed Holly didn’t abide by any rules, laws, or morals.

I’m not thankful for them doing so, but I am thankful to myself for being strong enough to stride to improve and make something of myself, even after the change.

I’m happy to be Castiel.

via Daily Prompt: Abide

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