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Before and After: GCSE compared to Post A-Level

So, finally finished it!
The reason I decided to redo this piece is because my high school refused to give it back to me so I only have this photograph (on the left) of it. So, I decided to draw it digitally and change the tones as well as some minor details.
Inspired by CreepyPastas.

#Art #artanddesign #Drawing #ThenandNow #BeforeandAfter #DigitalArt #Illustration #Illustrations #illustrator #Artist #CreepyPasta #MickeyMouse #ItsASmallWorld #AbandonedByDisney #CreepyPastas #TellyTubbies #Horror #Gore



Hello! My name is Castiel Gutierrez. I'm Panromantic, Asexual, and Trans Enby. I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Published Author, IT Technician, and Human Rights activist based in Yorkshire, England. I'm a Lover of food, video games, and music. And I'm probably the Queerest person you know ;)

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