Exhibition Observation: Darcy Prentice

The work presented were sequences showing progression from
the original image to the end piece. Each sequence showed a beauty between
nature and women, the clear link between women and nature is shown through the
paper cuts in which flowers are presented on the final stage of each sequence.
With the moving image piece showing the Life Model with angel wings, it
reminded me, and possibly other audience members, of a phrase by William
Makepeace Thackeray, ‘A good woman is the
loveliest flower that blooms under heaven… its delicate bloom of beauty.’
reason her work reminded me to this particular quote is both due to the
delicate flower design, the angel wings, but also due to the boldness of the
images, indicating that they are a part of nature and their beauty is pure, but
also that the women shown in the work are bold and, although they are stereotypically
presented as such, they aren’t as delicate as flowers even though they are as
beautiful as such.

The natural beauty of the Life Model comes to life in the
animation, showing each and every curve of her body as she moves. It captures
the eyes of the audience, intriguing them and causing them to look closer, to
find more detail, and appreciate it more the longer they look at it. Her beauty
being shown perfectly in such well-done line drawings.

(All Artwork, shown below, belongs to @darcy-prentice-art)

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