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Today is my final day to prepare for the exhibition.

If it wasn’t for illness I would be working until 5pm on Wednesday to make sure that everything is done and completed before people began to come in.

But I don’t have the luxury of another two days.

So, today is my final day. Luckily I don’t have to hand my sketchbook in until next Monday, which I am hoping I will be back for. But at least, with the time off, I will be able to guarantee the completion of my sketchbook.

We’ve already began talks about the next project, and I’m not completely certain what to do for it.

I will, most likely, continue to draw digitally and advance my skills in such, but I’m unsure what my next topic will be. All I can hope is that is will be as interesting, and be as passionate for me, as this topic has been.


Although, I am sad to see this project end, I am happy to see another begin.



Hello! My name is Castiel Gutierrez. I'm Panromantic, Asexual, and Trans Enby. I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Published Author, IT Technician, and Human Rights activist based in Yorkshire, England. I'm a Lover of food, video games, and music. And I'm probably the Queerest person you know ;)

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