People have questioned why people can be arrested in association with a suicide.

“It’s not like they killed them!”

These people clearly don’t understand what a tormented mind is like.

Suicide happens when someone wants to torment to end.
They want to relieve themselves of the pain.

You may not think your words hurt, but they do. No matter who you say them to.

Each word makes a dent in someones self-esteem and if they don’t know how to protect themself from it, then it WILL hurt them.

Each word makes the noose, that they were planning to use, tighter.

Your words can kill someone.

And it’s about time people started realising that not every thing and everyone in this god forsaken is fine!

Words can do more damage and can leave more scars than you’d ever imagine.

So, yes, you should be prosecuted if you help cause a suicide.

And for those who understand what words can do, take care of the people around you.

#Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #MentalHealth #Suicide #Depression #Anxiety #Bullying #PanicAttacks

Work inspired by: #EdwardGorey, #TimBurton, and #DebbieDrechsler


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