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Tiny Toast Tim – Markiplier and Cinnamon Toast Ken Mash-Up

My boyfriend suggested me to make this, as a tribute to @CinnamonToastKen and @Markiplier. This is what their Love Child would be, #CinnamonToast and #TinyBoxTim combined!

It’s a 30 minute doodle. Hope ya’ll like it 😊

#TinyToastTim #KenAndMarkiplier

#Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #Comedy #Fanfiction #Youtubers



Hello! My name is Castiel Gutierrez. I'm Panromantic, Asexual, and Trans Enby. I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Published Author, IT Technician, and Human Rights activist based in Yorkshire, England. I'm a Lover of food, video games, and music. And I'm probably the Queerest person you know ;)

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