Body Positivity – vi

I decided to point at myself for this one.

On this image you will see white lines and red lines. These are two things that, when a person has them, they end up feeling rather self-conscious.

The white lines are #StretchMarks and the red lines are #Scars.

I was made to feel self-consious because of these imperfections.

But now, I don’t care. Why? Because it’s none of anyone elses business.

My scars don’t show my weakness, they show my strength.

My stretch marks don’t show my size, they show I’m human.

If you have both or either, don’t let other people’s views on your body out you done.

Show them you’re better than that. You’re strong, confident, and God Damn Gorgeous!

#Art #artanddesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #BodyPositivity #LoveYourself #BeYourself #YourBodyYourChoice

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