Body Positivity – iii

And here she is! The final piece!
So, the reason I’ve dressed her the way that I have is for two reasons:
1. Its a flattering garment for her body, which it is for most women in the world but not all have the confidence to wear it due to our body shaming society.
And 2. The colour works lovely with it. And there is a reason I used that colour. Why? Because Fashion magazines have been telling women of colour what colours they “can’t” wear. Which is BS if you ask me. One magazine told African American women they shouldn’t wear blue because it doesn’t compliment their skin tone, which I can say happily that it is a load of BS. Why? Because on my Complimentary colour board, her skin tone was an exact match to the blue of her suit. Yes, it works beautifully.

So, the next time a magazine or a person tells you that you shouldn’t be wearing a piece of clothing or you should avoid certain colours: tell them to screw themselves.

Be happy in your skin! You’re beautiful just the way you are!

#Art #ArtAndDesign #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration #PeopleOfColour #Fashion #Afro #Hairstyle #Bodysuit #BodyPositivity #BeYourself #LoveYourself #BeYou #WearWhatYouWant #Feminism #Equality #F*ckSociety

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