Digital Art Software Review: Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk

As an art student, who loves digital art, I’ve been trying to find a piece of software that will do everything I want it to!
And I’ve been asked of numerous occasion what software I use, and when I tell people they seem quite suprised.

I’m not the best artist, by a long shot! Most of my work is horrible; it’s bland, pathetically drawn, and just plain horrible… But I enjoy making it and weirdly people do like my work.
I am my own worst critic.

But, when people ask what I use they expect me to reply with Photoshop or Coral Paint, or some piece of fancy equipment that costs more than my income.

And I don’t.
I don’t use basic software, I tried some because they were free but found that they all were TOO basic.
I ended up starting to use a piece of software called Sketchbook which is by Autodesk.
Which is also free for the “basic” version which has more tools in it than most applications!

I was using it on my tablet and then purchased the full version for Mobile devices which cost me a whopping £4.50…
Yeah… It was less than what most people pay for Fish ‘n’ Chips.

After using the Pro version on my tablet and phone for just over three weeks, I started a free, 15 day, trial on my PC. And found that the PC version had even MORE stuff to use!
There are more textured brushes, pencils, erasers, there are even blender tools to tone and light can be added without it being overwhelming!
You can use a lot of layers, and you can lock them so you don’t accidentally start rubbing out a piece of work.
One of the biggest perks for me was the fact that you can use a Wacom Tablet SUCCESSFULLY with the application, which never happened on Photoshop – Photoshop didn’t register the pressure on the tablet, whereas Sketchbook does and that pressure will make a difference if you want it to!

Another really good feature with the Pro version of PC Sketchbook is the Flipbook!

For those who don’t know ehat a flipbook is, it’s a tiny book which has a frame on each piece of paper which makes up an animation. Sketchbook allows us to make small or large animations with this tool!
You can choose the FPS, the quality (Standard or HD), and you can choose to make it a video or a looping Gif!

Sketchbook has become a daily tool for me, I don’t think I would have even tried animating anything if it wasn’t for Sketchbook, let alone design my own comic book.

I will definitely continue using it! Especially considering it only costs £25 a year! Which is a lot better than the £100 for Photoshop which isn’t designed for digital art.

I hope this helps some of the people questioning what software to buy like I was in September.

I’m so lucky to have found Sketchbook.

-Castiel Gutierrez 😘


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