8 Days Until The Exhibition

It is now 8 days until exhibition day and my work is speeding up and accumulating very quickly.

I have now decided to work in the crowded area of our studio, the reason for it being because it will give the viewer the feeling of claustrophobia and distress while looking at my work, which is the effect I want it to have on people.

I will be re-redoing the crying animation; because, although I like the second version, I don’t like the writing…

I may just edit the writing so I works better, maybe?

I will be doing my work as if the walls are a comic book, so they’re formatted in that sort of way.

I don’t know how I will scale them. I don’t want them to be huge but I also don’t want them to be tiny due to the writing on the images.

I just wished I could shorten what I’m trying to say in my work – the strips are equal in the amount of writing compared to illustration but at the same time, I think there should be less writing…

But I doubt it would make sense if I did so…

We’ll see how it goes.

I just hope I can get everything finished in time.

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